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A lover of the greatest game of all - Rugby League. Although a tragic South Sydney fan, I am also a lover of many other sports. Sport is the vehicle by which humanity can unite.



Hello Tony,

The monies that the International Rugby League have (or don’t have) I obtained from their annual report for the year 2021.

Regarding the profits of the World Cup, no official numbers are yet released (as far as I know). However, the issue was addressed in a recent BBC rugby league news article. I of course, hope my prediction is completely wrong and that the World Cup brings in large profits.
Thanks for the question.

Was the Rugby League World Cup a success?

Hello Mega Dragon (Cool name),

The clubs chosen would be based on the current full-time or semi professional teams in SL, Championship and League 1.

Yes, the two French teams would be in SL as they will be for the 2022 season. In essence, I wouldn’t see any teams drop out of SL at present unless financial disaster struck, but 6 teams would be added at the first opportunity. Whether this be, by meeting a criteria or simply by being the next highest ranked teams could be determined by the RFL.

In any case, to stay in SL clubs would need to meet minimum standards (I know it has been tried before) and I would keep it basic. Financial solvent, three grades, full time.

The 18 teams in SL would get the vast majority of funding. Teams in Championship would instantly be semi-pro at best. Unless a rich business person came in to support a club.
Finally, there would be a marked difference in skill from SL to Championship and once more to the community game – which would be unaffected by this change.

I hope it clears up my suggestion. I guess I am just a little worried the sport is making changes without consulting fans. By telling fans (paid members of clubs) how it will be done rather than consulting and including them in the process to me is simply the wrong way to go when it could be a major change for the sport.

Thanks for the comment.

'The game cannot afford to alienate the core': How I'd restructure English rugby league

Oh, the embarrassment. I meant 1999, not 1998.

The NSW stadium policy is in shambles, but there is hope

Hello Peeeko,

Thanks for the response. I took my stats from the period between the years 1998 – 2019. Importantly, I only referenced games played at WIN or Kogarah. I didn’t count finals or when the Dragons played at other Sydney venues. Naturally, counting other venues may shift the numbers a little.

Hope that helps clarify the numbers a little.

The NSW stadium policy is in shambles, but there is hope

Funny you mention the NSW jersey Emcie, I wrote an article about this also. If the link doesn’t work, it should be in my profile of articles.

The new NSW jersey is a cash grab, pure and simple

The new suggested finals format is ridiculous

Thank you Beastie Boy for the constructive comment and not getting stuck in a League Vs Union comment battle (something I hoped to avoid). I think all the points you raised are valid – especially the traditional tours. These aspects of the sport are something the game needs to look at closely.

What can rugby league learn from rugby union?

Apologies. 1997 was the super league year with the dark blue design, not 1996. Just a typo.

The new NSW jersey is a cash grab, pure and simple

Thank you, BA Sports and Oingo Boingo for your opinions. I like the passion you both obviously display for the game. Thanks Nat for the support.

I guess the title of my articles did not indicate the hypothetical nature of the content. A point I think was much more evident in Part 2 compared to Part 1. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your viewpoint, I am an optimist. So feel that the game should always be heading for the best case scenario.

I know my idea relies on a range of matters to occur before it could work, I did acknowledge this when I stated the following:

“I stress that for this plan to work then the game needs to plan and distribute its funds equitably, appropriately and strategically, and supply the resources not just for the elite NRL, but for levels below.”

Personally, I am not sure this is happening at the moment. I believe that the funds are too top heavy. Not enough is being supplied to grassroots or clubs across the country. However, as you stated BA Sports, none of us knows the actual financials of the game.

This leads to my responses.
BA Sports and Oingo Boingo, I would have to disagree with the following points that you made respectfully:

“but before you publicise an idea, you have to have the financials in place because that is fundamental to any plan.”
Oingo Boingo “expansion has to be thought out thoroughly and your previous article proved you hadn’t done that.”

Since this is an online forum I feel I can publicise an idea without having the full financials. Furthermore, since it is a limited article set for a general audience the ideas presented would not have all the particulars needed for a full plan to take place.

If I was working for the NRL, in industry or writing an academic paper for university or in the professional world I most certainly would agree with you both. I would never publish anything if I did not have the financial elements covered or the in-depth details required for the plan to work. However, this website allows us as rugby league fans to canvass ideas and these ideas need to be condensed for the reading public.
I hope that clarifies my thinking somewhat.

Once again, thank you for your feedback.

In terms of lying in bed hoping for a rugby league Utopia – the game in the future will have no self-interest, be the number 1 sport in Australia with all levels of the sport getting the attention and funding they rightfully deserve. I hope for the best.

An expansionist ideal: Part 2 – The NSW and Queensland Cup

Hey Nat and BA Sports,

I have done the drive a couple of times. I think usually it took me just under four and half hours. Though, I do remember it taking me close to five hours one time – I can’t remember why though. Maybe I was driving Miss Daisy.
Oh, I wish I was backpacking at the time, the north is a very nice place to hang and chill.

For the game, if I remember correctly was when the Cowboys were playing the Warriors or maybe it was Parra. I just remember my friend and I talking about the lack of noise anyone made around us. It was unusually quiet for a sporting event. I went to some games (3-4 per season) throughout the 2013-14 seasons, so I admit that was some time ago now and I’m sure things have improved.

It's time for the Cowboys to make some noise

Yes King Cowboy, I meant 2015. A typo which I have clearly missed.

It's time for the Cowboys to make some noise

Big Steve, I meant to exist in the elite NRL competition. I like the Bears and hope that one day they return to the highest level.

The Sea Eagles have some problems. Here's how to fix them

I agree that any relocation of the Roosters is wishful thinking. In saying this, I do think that out of any of the Sydney clubs, they would be the best fit for any possible relocation. Again, it won’t happen. The clubs main corporate support lies in the Eastern Suburbs and the city of Sydney. I think a re-brand to Bondi was once under discussion, but obviously never happened. However, I do know some Easts fans that would love a name change back to the traditional Eastern Suburbs brand.

Why are people chicken to support the Roosters?

Oingo Boingo, the article was not intended as kicking to the Roosters, (maybe a little bit of a wind-up) but really it was to highlight the lack of fan support. I didn’t give reasons why the club lack fan support, as I don’t know why a team with such a proud history and consistent performance attracts so few fans. In saying this, if they continue to perform well I would imagine that their fan base would increase over time – just maybe not in the eastern suburbs of Sydney as per the reasons that you mentioned.

Why are people chicken to support the Roosters?

PanthertillIdie you are correct. Correction: The Warriors made the Grand Final in the same year as they won the minor premiership. I knew this – just an oversight. In 2003, the Panthers beat the Roosters 18 – 6. It was a great game.

What's doing with the Warriors?

I think the days of forcing teams to relocate are over. It hurts the fans too much. Though, no doubt the NRL would love to see a team relocate voluntarily. The Tigers moving out to the SW is not really a relocation as it’s their territory already. All in all, I think Wests Tigers fans should be optimistic. If the front office gets its house in order, the club could be the biggest in Sydney.

The trouble with the Wests Tigers

Good team Sheek. You have been lucky to see some quality players.

My imaginary XVII: The best league players I've ever seen

Nat, it would have to be Bennett. If there is an award for a super coach then Bennett gets it.

My imaginary XVII: The best league players I've ever seen

The Barry – Good team. I would have chosen O’Connor on my wing in place of Israel, however, had never seen him play.
BigJ – Matt Scott was a close call for me as well. I have him third behind Lazarus and Webcke. I was close to putting him on my bench. Though, I was a massive fan of Wiki’s so went with him instead.

My imaginary XVII: The best league players I've ever seen

Correction – Six nations are participating in the women’s world cup – Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea, England, and Canada. Hopefully, this builds into something a lot more substantial.

How to grow the women's game

Thanks Mike, this also supports what my friends tell me (who play at a local level). They are often paying their own way and when a player gets injured and needs to work, the players and the club have to conduct fundraisers to support the injured player. I’m just saying that the money allocated to players is too top heavy. More needs to filter down. I most certainly agree players in the Q Cup and the NSW Cup should be much better supported.

Is the latest deal with the RLPA fair?

John, you are correct.

He played very well on tour and was a quality player.

Obviously, I mistakenly left him off the list at the end.

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