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Agree. In every problem position: 2, 12, 15 we have some reasonable options and its about getting them on the park. For 10, we have no frickin clue after QC. NL is not the answer, he is just not a natural. Regardless of result, I would rather see if BD has something to offer. Results aside, we’ve had 5 tests to identify another option for 10. Imagine at the end of this tour that we still can’t answer the question “can BD offer more than NL?”. Losing to Wales would be a shame, but not getting answer to that question would be gross negligence.

Confirmed: Wallabies' worst fears realised over Tupou, White out of Wales clash amid injury crisis

Agree, and I think it was 14 points missed by the IT kicker. We had no right to expect to win. I think the bigger disappointment was not the loss, but the lack of time given to Donaldson. We know conclusively that Lolesio – Paisami is not the right pair wholly or individually. We need a 10 and a 12 as first priority, and a 2 and 15 as second priority. Other than that I think we have depth. I’m not convinced by Wright and despite being a Campbell fan, he has made two glaring and match-deciding defensive errors. Can he put those behind him? At this point I don’t find him any better than Banks. Porecki is competent but not dynamic around the park.

Anyone who saw the Cupuozzo-created try to beat Wales in the last 6N would not have been taking Italy lightly.

Shattered Wallabies feel they 'let the country down' but reject Mortlock's dire World Cup prediction after Italy fiasco

HP plays like he is 15kg heavier which doesn’t work out so well at test level as 12s are getting bigger again (eg de Allende, Tuilagi, Danty). For every big hit he puts on, he gets at least one back. I like HP’s intent, but there’s more than a little of the Pat McCabe about him. IMO the footwork and all-round game of Foketi is better suited to the Wallabies. Plus, his work over the ball created 2-3 turnovers in Melbourne.

WALLABIES TEAM: Rennie hails Jock's 'great story' ahead of debut, Tate starts at No.9 and Hoops picks himself

Do people say that Damien Mackenzie needs more size? Or Cheslin Kolbe?

He is playing against the same players in Super Rugby as he will in internationals.

Everyone knows that test rugby is faster and more intense, but JC always seems to have a bit more time that others. Unlike, say, Tom Wright. And 90% of the time makes the right decision. Unlike, say, Tom Wright.

'Made for international rugby': Gleeson stands out as Australia A make heavy weather of victory in Japan

When your business is repeatedly failing to achieve its targets, a complete rethink is usually required or demanded. I’ve said before that good is the enemy of great. The wallabies are burning too much time looking for short-term “good” enough fixes in the aim of getting a few wins, but in almost every position I can think of we don’t have anyone who is a great (let’s define great as World XV).

We all know that we’ll be lucky to get into the RWC semis, which is overachieving based on our ranking. A QF loss is more likely.

So, let’s treat the next 12 or 24 months as a full rebuild. Throw away the Giteau rule as it is not serving the Wallabies. Every OS player should be re-assessed. Can we bring Morahan into the FB discussion? Let’s pit the emerging 10s against each other, but get Lucas, Paiuhua and others back into consideration. SA seems to have made this model work.

If a company fails to maximize its resources, then the approach and administrators need to change. There’s a lot of concern about supporting local players over those who have gone OS, but I feel worse damage is being done to the game by the state of the Wallabies. The only bright spot is the 7’s program, especially the women.

The Wrap: Resurgent All Blacks secure the Rugby Championship but where to now for each team?

Umaga on BOD?
Meads on KC?
Loe on Carozza?

Also dog acts

'Worst call in rugby history' or 'brave, correct and necessary'? World reacts to Bledisloe controversy, ref torched

You are not arguing the same points.

There is the law, and there is the application of the law (justice). These are key principles of most modern societies.

Malotru, you are advocating for the former point, but ignoring the latter. To most observers, the application in this case is wrong because there is no precedent, and the impact too severe. When measured earlier penalty kicks timed by another commenter at 71 secs. It looks harsh and feels unjust, hence the outcry.

PS: Le Bureau is a great TV show, assuming that is where you’ve adopted your nom de guerre.

'Worst call in rugby history' or 'brave, correct and necessary'? World reacts to Bledisloe controversy, ref torched

Exactly. It is about how that young talent is nurtured and introduced. England is doing is with Marcus Smith. NZ has done it many times with their abundant talent. We saw Canan Moodie have a great debut game last test.

On another thread I also complained that we are not bringing talent through properly, using the example of Duncan Paiuhua(?) who was lost to Australia football but did have some outstanding games including at 10 opposite Foley in a Wallaby Prob vs Poss match. I guess he didn’t see, or couldn’t find, a pathway.

We often seem to settle for good. But good is the enemy of great.

I would actually prefer we lost all games between now and even into the WC if I thought we were developing outstanding young talent.

However, coaches have performance KPIs in their contracts, and that leads to seemingly safer selections with short-term results prioritized.

Wallabies CONFIRMED: Foley returns at No.10 as Rennie makes EIGHT starting XV changes for Bledisloe opener

Didn’t Duncan P play 5/8 in Probs vs Poss game a few years – against Foley – and carved Foley up (from memory) only to disappear from the scene shortly thereafter? Our few creative players get ignored and leave.

WILL GENIA: Players, not Rennie, at fault for Bok shocker but time for KB and Foley to restore spark and composure

I have *never* seen Lolesio carve up a game as well as any leading 10s. We saw more good touches from Williamse in just one game than Lolesio has shown all season.

I hate to say it but he is a less-capable Farrell or Sexton. Possibly Pollard is the closest. Not a creative 10, and merely an adequate game manager.

Yes, he made some half-breaks, and he ran a good line for the score in Adelaide, an offload or two, but what has he created? Where are the highlight reels that you see from Cooper, Smith, Mounga, B Barrett, Russell, Jalibert, Ntamack, and even Carreras? I’m not sure that Donaldson, Harrison, or Edmed are the answer either. They are possibly better game managers, but have no great creative flair.

The Wallabies need a creative 10 as we cannot keep playing off 9. It is too predictable as we have seen when teams easily adjust to our style in the second game of this series. We don’t have another option without a creative 10. Swapping White for Gordon or McDermott won’t change the fundamental calculus.

12 is not working either without SK. Someone else wrote that Paisami plays like he is 10cm taller and 20kg heavier. I fear he will become another Pat McCabe. Ikitau is a solid 13 with a flash of inspiration every few games; but not showing that he will be a great. Would you really pick him over Am, Ioane, Penaud?

Our forwards are not going to be overpowering anyone above us in the rankings. I fear the best we can hope for is parity on our ball, and then shift the point of attack. The “up tempo” game.

Sadly, without any World XV candidates we can not realistically expect to get past the WC QFs even with the great draw we have. Since I’ll be in Europe next October I guess it will have to be Vive La France!

The Wrap: All to play for as Rugby Championships field bunches up again

In the first test against England, Swain got slapped in the face and nothing was done. It clearly affected him and he lost his cool and was himself given the YC shortly after. What would have happened if White made a bad pass on the goal line and SA scored a try?

Striking the head in any way is illegal but I do think that a penalty would have sufficed, but if the ref is following WR guidelines then so be it. Justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done.

SA View: 'Should be banished to the bush leagues' - 'Criminally incompetent' ref torched, White's dive 'absolute disgrace'

MC is cunning at least…

All Blacks squad for Springboks series suggests Foster is about to make the same mistakes all over again

I remember the 2011 RWC when the only 7 in the squad was Pocock, and what happened when he was injured. McCalman was not a good sub.

'He'll fulfil a role': Everything Rennie said on Simone shock, replacing Kerevi and the chances of a Hooper-McReight pairing

The FR-JP games are available on (VPN needed).

Watch out Wallabies! Eddie’s back in his happy place

TT is also surely world class?

Will the Wallabies be running up that road, be running up that hill?

I’m with you on Cheika, but I remember McKenzie as a very pragmatic coach who had the 2011 Qld team follow a different game plan each week, which most importantly the team could implement.

Cheika’s 2014 Tahs team relied so much on the go-forward delivered by Jacques Potgieter. If the Brumbies between Bobby V and Tom H can replicate that line bending ability the Brumbies will do well.

'Flat out': Brumbies get Bobby boost for Blues, Fisher's verdict on the non-negotiables

A 15 pts thrashing is my optimistic scoreline, as for realistic I dare not think about it

Wallabies vs Argentina highlights: Wallabies by 12