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Tedesco had the same two immediate premierships in his first 2 years at the Roosters.

25 in 25: Best recruit of NRL era - Thurston, Inglis, Tedesco, Fitzgibbon, Cook, JWH, Fifita, Kimmorley?

The 3 players I’m disappointed to see go are Clifford, Masters and Mikaele.

Clifford was a superstar coming through and has shown glimpses of it in the NRL. Just yet to get it done consistently. Injuries and equally inconsistent teammates looks to be holding him back as much as any of his own issues.
Not sure what happened to Masters. He was sensational in his time at the Tigers. Was a first choice centre for NZ in that time. Just couldn’t replicate that elsewhere. Would question if he has the right attitude to become the player he could be but on raw talent alone he should be a star.
Mikaele has an error or two in his game and needs to work harder from inside out in defence but he bends the line with every run and still young enough to fix his deficiencies with a bit of hard work and experience.

And they're off! The NRL players heading to the English Super League this year

“No reason for the players association to oppose it” except:
1) it limits earning capacity for the better players, even if the pay rate is scaled by draft position.
1B) The NRL has real competition from Rugby Union in signing talented players. A limited rookie contract would not look as attractive as an uncapped Union contract.
2) it risks players being picked by teams they do not wish to play for.
3) currently clubs kick in the majority of funds for junior development. Who will be doing this if the clubs decide there is no point continuing contributing if they lose first chance of retaining those players.
4) Rugby League fans and media love the narrative of the local junior come good. This will be largely lost as rookies get drafted by non-local teams.
5) any draft would likely be post season. This would be in direct conflict with the RLPA main gripe that there is little time between post and pre seasons to organise the life changes that go along with changing clubs.
I’m sure there is plenty more issues that others could think of.

Is this the best way to fix the NRL's free-agency model?

I have not seen it so cannot comment re. shoulder charge/tackle however the video ref can absolutely rule on anything within a try scoring play, whether directed to or not by the on-field ref. (Unless of course rules are different for the international game compared to NRL)

RLWC Daily: Tonga edge PNG in thriller, Doueihi appeal rejected, Graham celebrates 50th cap - three years late

Because you can see more aspects than just talent alone when watching live.
Is the player doing one percenters off the ball?
Is he aerobically fit or needs to shuffle wide for a set of two to catch his breath?
How does he interact with team mates and officials?
Additionally do you think the player will have more respect for the scout that came to watch him play or the one that watched him on tv?
If the scouts aren’t at the carnival then they are not doing their job.

'Gone away from identifying raw talent': Widders wants pathway changes after scouts snub Koori Knockout

I believe you keep your number for the duration.

RLWC News: Munster to wear No.7 for Kangaroos, Leuluai to captain Kiwis, Klein heads up refs list

Teams use the fullbacks differently and in accordance to their individual skill sets. Edwards is a very good player and perfectly suited to the Panthers team.
So, I don’t disagree that “the Panthers wouldn’t swap him for anyone”.
Plenty of other clubs however would not swap their fullback for Edwards. If Edwards was at Souths I doubt they’d have made the Eight this year. He doesn’t have the attacking skillset to complement their game style. Similae can be said of most the other top fullbacks Tubojevic, Tedesco, Papenhuyzen, Ponga, Drinkwater.

Many of the above fullbacks don’t possess Edwards’ strong carries, high workrate and excellent defence however Tedesco has all those qualities along with his outstanding attacking abilities. Edwards is not even close to the player Tedesco is.

Meninga makes right call by snubbing Edwards but Cleary must be Kangaroos halfback ahead of DCE

In the past 6 weeks Edwards has gone from one of the most underrated players in the game to one of the most overrated.

Meninga makes right call by snubbing Edwards but Cleary must be Kangaroos halfback ahead of DCE

I’m happy enough with the team selected.

Not overly impressed by the middle forwards, one in particular I didn’t want to see there, but given who is unavailable I can’t think of anyone obvious who would take their place.

Unlike others I’m not concerned about the omission of Hynes and Edwards. Both would have been worthy selections however I can’t fault any of the backs that have been selected.

Kangaroos World Cup squad named: Edwards snubbed, Tedesco captain, 13 debutants chosen

I agree completely that he ticks every other box and Panthers don’t need a more skillful fullback with the skill set they have in other positions. He is the
absolute perfect fit for that side.
I don’t believe however he would suit most other clubs. He wouldn’t get the same running metres at a lesser club who’s weak defence struggles to force a long kick. And he would be found out in other clubs that rely on attacking flair from their fullback.
But as a cog in the Panthers machine he is the perfect fullback.

Is Dylan Edwards the best player who will never get a rep jumper?

I dont. His role is simple. Return kicks, take a hit up, support up the middle. Whilst his running metres are impressive and a good indication on his fitness it doesn’t require a whole lot of skill. This can be seen as Caleb Aekins was putting up similar numbers the few times that he filled in there. He is almost absent in all attacking structures beyond simply pushing up the middle or occasionally second receiver on the right side as evidenced by his fewer attacking stats compared to most other fullbacks.
I would assume though he is excellent at organising a defensive line given how strong the Panthers are defensively.

Is Dylan Edwards the best player who will never get a rep jumper?

Best player to never get a rep jumper? I’d very much doubt it. As he himself says he has a fairly simple role in the Panthers side. He does it immaculately, but it is nonetheless a simple role.
Having said that I would happily see him in the World Cup squad as the back-up fullback as well as a Wing option. I would certainly have him ahead of Gutherson.

Is Dylan Edwards the best player who will never get a rep jumper?

I don’t understand why people are so passionate in favor of one side of the argument over the other. Bigger stadiums won’t sell out in week one (particularly if the away team is from another state), but smaller stadiums will result in many fans unable to get a ticket. I don’t think there is a right answer. I’ve no issue with the current set up.

The host with the most: all Sydney NRL finals should be played at major stadiums

It won’t stop all the pretenders. It will lead to more pretending. Suddenly every middle forward will be laying down after 15 minutes to get a free interchange.

NRL News: Mitchell hits back at Gus' diving claims, Jillaroo banned for Queen post, Stadium chaos looms

Cronulla hardly getting screwed. It is as simple as their home ground not being up to it.
Cronulla would always be playing out of Alliance if they were hosting a final this weekend. It is simply a matter of chance that it is the Rabbitohs they are playing there. Just as it was simply a matter of chance that they got the soft draw to allow them the 2nd place finish.

NRL News: Mitchell hits back at Gus' diving claims, Jillaroo banned for Queen post, Stadium chaos looms

Sharks are certainly worthy of playing finals but I doubt many would have rated them the 2nd best team this season.
I’m not all that concerned about inequality in the draw whilst we have an 8 team final series. The pretenders will be found out during the finals.

Do the Sharks even deserve a spot in the finals after their cushy draw?

Noone complains when it happens in his other sport, why would he be concerned of it happening in rugby league?

'I didn't think there was much in them': Burgess supports JWH after they cop bans from fiery final

Anyone but Parra. Not overly keen on seeing Sharks or Storm win either. Would probably be most keen to see either Panthers or Cowboys get up.

So for us neutrals, who is the most bearable NRL premiership winner?

I’d put Esarn Marsters at Centre over Collis. Marsters may have done very little since leaving Tigers but when at the club he was a tackle breaking, offloading machine who was NZ’s first choice centre.
Could add a bench of Matt Lodge, Josh Aloiai, Nathan Brown and Dene Halatau. Former Tigers bench prop Trent Robinson as the coach.

Whilst the club’s negligence undoubtedly plays a part in the loss of such talent i think that losing so many players on their way up to highly successful clubs shows the difficulty for lowly clubs to retain their talent.

The ones who got away: Wests Tigers

he was out of the side due to a concussion then dropped for disciplinary issues (allegedly turned up to training still under the effects of the drink from the night before).

Reynolds says Broncos have to use 'sh--ty feeling' as motivation as Melbourne run up 60 to derail finals hopes

Can’t really argue with any on the list but I think some of the write ups are a little heavy handed.
Also some of the salaries were likely heavily back-ended so not sure it is entirely fair to judge them on this year’s salary rather than the average yearly salary of the contract.
Finally quite a few of these players would still be getting paid by their former club. Probably no greater indication of being overpaid then being paid to play elsewhere but they are not quite the burden on their current club as the reported figure may suggest.

Salary capastrophes: The overpaid NRL players on bloated contracts short-changing their clubs

He was overpaid the last couple years but is on a minimum contract this year, started the season on a train and trial deal.
Though still probably overpaid for what he has produced this year.

Salary capastrophes: The overpaid NRL players on bloated contracts short-changing their clubs

The tigers. Though they’ve bought plenty of players, it hasn’t made them better.

Sharks edge closer to a top-two finish after downing Tigers

A few currently, Drinkwater, Walters, Tino, King, Nicholls, Harris arguably even JAC is doing more now than he was at Storm.
But Hynes is definitely the pick of the bunch.

Shark of many talents: Why Hynes is most complete player in NRL

From what im hearing there are no ‘get out’ clauses in his contract. But, as we have seen in the past clubs, particularly those at the bottom of the table, have little choice but to release a player that does not want to be there. They cannot afford the wasted cap space and the destabilising influence of such a player.
On the one hand i do feel for Papallii. I can certainly understand why he would not want to be going to the Tigers. Particularly if it was Madge that recruited him and the Eels are now happy to up their offer. On the other hand, as a Tigers supporter, the last thing I want to see is another player agitate for a release from their contract with the Tigers to be playing at the Eels.
History shows the club will give in to Papallii’s demands and the Eels will throw a token monetary gesture of compensation the Tigers way that will in no way compensate not just the loss of Papallii but also the likes of Leilua, Tuilagi and any other off-contract backrower that the Tigers may have recruited in his place.
I would like to see Tigers play a bit of hardball. Wait until after the World Cup to negotiate. Not only will it be in accordance with Papallii’s own words, but it will give other clubs time to finalise their 2023 rosters. Then if Papallii wants to leave, citing Madge as his excuse, offer him a conditional release to allow Papallii to go to any club but the Eels. Likely he will not find terms at this late stage anywhere near as generous as what he has on offer at Tiger. He may soon change his mind and find he wants to stay after all. Just as importantly this will somewhat placate Tigers fans who have had Moses and Matterson previously agitate for an early release to go to Eels and ensures that the club encouraging the agitating will not be rewarded.

NRL News: Radical plan to make season 27 rounds, Papali’i won’t commit to Tigers, Storm sign Katoa